“Lodge Night” (1923): The Gang creates its own version of the Ku Klux Klan, called the Cluck Cluck Klams.


“Your Own Back Yard” (1925): Hal Roach’s favorite Our Gang  short, featuring Farina and based on a popular “coon” song.


“A Tough Winter” (1930): Stepin Fetchit guest stars on Our Gang


“Dogs is Dogs” (1931): Stymie enjoying a meal of ham and eggs


“Free Wheeling” (1932): Dickie Moore and Stymie Beard fondly remembered filming this short


“Birthday Blues” (1932): Dickie and Stymie bake a cake, with amusing results.


“A Lad an’ A Lamp” (1932): The Gang fears Cotton has been turned into a monkey



“For Pete’s Sake” (1934): Stymie and the Gang try to save Pete the Pup

Pete's Sake


“Spooky Hooky” (1936): Buckwheat, Porky, and the Gang are terrified of ghosts

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